My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 Official USA Website


It's Almost Time For the Boss to Spawn so…
Akane who attended the FOS offline event coincidentally finds YAMADA there. At the same time however, she runs into her ex-boyfriend (along with his now-girlfriend) and impulsively blurts out that Yamada is her new boyfriend. To amend the trouble she put Yamada though, she takes him to an izakaya where she then ends up becoming completely wasted. Yamada is left with no choice but to care for her at his home where he relieves her, but she also loses her treasured necklace there… In search of her lost accessory, Akane enters the guild hall and happens to see Yamada. However, not only is she treated coldly by him, but he also harshly reprimands the way she is using the guild storage space.