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  • Akane Kinoshita
  • Akane Kinoshita Game
Akane Kinoshita
VA: Inori Minase
  • IRL
  • Forest Of
A University student who is now living on her own in order to be closer to her University. She is originally from Gunma Prefecture.
After being invited by her boyfriend Takuma, she starts playing Forest of Savior (FOS), but is then soon broken up with after he cheated on her with a girl he met in the game.
Unable to let go of her feelings for Takuma, she goes to relieve her distress in the game. Then, YAMADA from the same guild happens to find her.
Soon after, she happens to meet Yamada again at an official FOS offline event but...

Her only fault is that she enjoys drinking but is weak to alcohol.
Her in-game username is "AKANE," and uses a girl with cat ears as her avatar. Her job class is Paladin, and she is a member of the guild "Chocolate Rabbit."
She only started playing the game because Takuma invited her to, so her skills are only of a newbie.
  • Akito Yamada
  • Akito Yamada Game
Akito Yamada
VA: Koki Uchiyama
  • IRL
  • Forest Of
A male high school student attending a prep school and a professional gamer. He is well known within the gaming sphere because of how skilled he is.
He is very handsome, but he is not the best at communication (especially with women). When he first met Akane at the Forest of Savior offline event he seemed very uninterested but...?
His job class is Wizard, and he is a member of the guild "Chocolate Rabbit."
His in-game username is the same as his real name, "YAMADA."
According to Akane, his avatar looks like a "Noh-mask with an afro."
Though he only plays FOS to relax, he is very strong.
  • Eita Sasaki
  • Eita Sasaki Game
Eita Sasaki
VA: Natsuki Hanae
  • IRL
  • Forest Of
A Forest of Savior (FOS) player who is part of the same guild as Akane and Yamada. He is 19 years old. He's a bit overbearing and has a very patient and accepting personality. Akito is his underclassman from their hometown, so he knows him very well.
The guild master of "Chocolate Rabbit" who maintains and enforces the rules in the guild. Within FOS she calls herself "Rurihime" and plays an adorable female avatar with a dress and bunny ears.
  • Runa Sasaki
Runa Sasaki
VA: Ai Kakuma
  • IRL
Eita's little sister. She's not the best at making friends, so she isn’t able to blend in with her classmates very well. However, she is very skilled at video games, which led to her making many friends online.
She feels Akane is trying to get close to Akito, her tutor, and Eita, her brother, and attempts to bully her out of their guild.
  • Momoko Maeda
Momoko Maeda
VA: Saori Onishi
  • Takezo Kamota
Takezo Kamota
VA: Nobuo Tobita
  • Yukari Tsubaki
Yukari Tsubaki
VA: Rio Tsuchiya