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Friendship is the key to protecting the world.

It was everyone's wish.
A world out of a dream, where science had solved every problem.

This story is set on Oshima.
Akane Isshiki, an innocent 14-year-old girl, lives a poor, but happy, life with her level-headed little sister Momo, who takes care of all the household chores by herself, and their grandfather Kenjiro, who is a genius inventor but creates nothing but useless gizmos.

On clear days, they can see the artificial island Blue Island out across the water. And rising from the center of it is the Manifestation Engine, the revolutionary invention that solved all the world's energy problems.

The peaceful future that everyone had dreamed of had arrived. Tranquil days where everyone could be happy.

But then, the world is confronted by a new threat. The mysterious Alone, who have appeared out of nowhere to attack the Manifestation Engine.
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