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A new project is underway by "Strike Witches" director Kazuhiro Takamura

Director & Character Designer: Kazuhiro Takamura
Series Structure: Hiroyuki Hoshino & Kazuhiro Takamura
Production: A-1 Pictures

ANIPLEX x Dengeki G's Magazine x A-1 Pictures

Original animation project underway

An original animation project brought to you by the energetic studio A-1 Pictures under the auspices of Aniplex and Dengeki G's Magazine. As an animator, director Kazuhiro Takamura has drawn cute girls non-stop, and in "Strike Witches," he crammed every last bit of their endearing charm into the film. Series Structure duties are being handled by the double team of screenwriter Hiroyuki Hoshino, who has many original anime titles under his belt, along with director Takamura himself. The project is getting underway with this heavy-hitting lineup, and animation production being handled by A-1 Pictures, who have established themselves as creators of consistently high-quality material.
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