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I’ve Always Liked You

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This is the last time I’m going to practice…

Natsuki Enomoto, a third-year student at Sakuragaoka High School, has feelings of unrequited love for her childhood friend, Yu Setoguchi.
Unable to be true to her own feelings, Natsuki tells Yu that she is merely using him as a stand-in to practice confessing her love to.
As Natsuki continues to pretend not having any feelings for Yu, her classmate Koyuki Ayase asks her out on a date.
Will Natsuki ever be able to stop “practicing” and actually confess her love to Yu?

The online music creator unit HoneyWorks’ pure romantic series, which has garnered over 100 million views, is now getting an animated film adaptation! This new “Confess Your Love Committee ~Romantic Series~” project features so many of HoneyWorks’ popular tracks including “Kokuhaku Yoko Renshu (lit. Confession Rehearsal),” “Hatsukoi no Ehon (lit. A Picture Book of Your First Love),” and “Yakimochi no Kotae (lit. The Answer to Jealousy).” All of your favorite characters from each song will come to life in the film, “I’ve Always Liked You ~Confess Your Love Committee~.”

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Yu Setoguchi

The president of the film club. He is nice towards both guys and girls and is very popular because of that, but he has no idea nor does he care about it. Students from the other classes also like him. He can be a bit moody and indecisive at times.

-Third year high school student
-Height: 178 cm (5 feet 8 inches)
-Birthday: July 11th (Star sign: Cancer)
-Blood type: AB

Natsuki Enomoto

Member of the art club. She has a cheerful and positive personality. She likes to stay active, draw manga, and eat a lot. Her signature look is to wear her gym pants underneath her skirt.

-Third year high school student
-Height: 161 cm (5 feet 3 inches)
-Birthday: June 27th (Star sign: Cancer)
-Blood type: O

Sota Mochizuki

Vice president of the film club. A very straightforward kind of guy. He has a very pure heart but can easily feel jealous. He acts a little childish compared to the others so he is usually the butt of everyone’s jokes. His nickname is “Mochita.”

-Third year high school student
-Height: 165 cm (5 feet 4 inches)
-Birthday: September 3 (Star sign: Virgo)
-Blood type: B

Akari Hayasaka

President of the art club. She dreams of an ideal romance but when it comes to romantic situations, she is totally unaware. She is usually shy but she is popular for her friendliness and signature smile. She is a bit scatter-brained and is not good at sports.

-Third year high school student
-Height: 158cm (5 feet 2 inches)
-Birthday: December 3 (Star sign: Sagittarius)
-Blood type: O

Haruki Serizawa

Member of the film club. He is a bit of a troublemaker but is caring and friends see him as a big brother type. He has an excellent sense when it comes to creating his own films. He usually goes home with Miou.

-Third year high school student
-Height: 175 cm (5 feet 7 inches)
-Birthday: April 5 (Star sign: Aries)
-Blood type: A

Miou Aida

Vice president of the art club. She is a hard worker and everyone relies on her. She is caring but also shy. She usually doesn’t talk to boys but she finds it easy to talk to Haruki.

-Third year high school student
-Height: 153 cm (5 feet)
-Birthday: March 20 (Star sign: Pisces)
-Blood type: A

Koyuki Ayase

Member of the gardening club. He is somewhat withdrawn and does not socialize with other students, but he enjoys talking to Natsuki about manga and music. He used to look like a girl, but after his makeover, the female students began to notice him more

-Third year high school student
-Height: 163 cm (5 feet 3 inches)
-Birthday: August 28 (Virgo)
-Blood type: A

Staff & Cast


  • Original Works / Music: HoneyWorks
  • Chief Director:Hitoshi Namba
  • Director:Takuro Tsukada
  • Series Composition: Maki Fujii
  • Kentaro Tokiwa
  • Animation Production: Lay-duce
  • Produced By:"Our love has always been 10 centimeters apart." Production Committee


  • Haruki Serizawa: Kenichi Suzumura
  • Miou Aida:Aki Toyosaki
  • Yu Setoguchi:Hiroshi Kamiya
  • Natsuki Enomoto:Haruka Tomatsu
  • Sota Mochizuki: Yuki Kaji
  • Akari Hayasaka: Kana Asumi
  • Saku Akechi:Hikaru Midorikawa
© HoneyWorks/BOKU10 Committee